About the foundation


The Cultural Heritage Foundation was established in 2012 on the initiative of Michał Laszczkowski, PhD, and Paweł Wilski.

Its goal is to protect and promote the national heritage of Poland as an element of European cultural heritage.

The foundation pursues its mission by organising conservation-restoration projects and becoming involved in a range of education-, publishing-, film-related, and similar activities.

We take advantage of public funding and private business donations. We also try to attract and acquire funds from private donors.Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to restore many Polish heritage assets to their former glory and leave them in the best condition possible for the generations to come. Every, even the smallest, amount helps us preserve the fragments of our common past, inherited from our ancestors.


The idea of establishing the foundation was born out of a need to take care of the heritage and culture of our country. We’re driven by a desire to preserve the amazing Polish monuments and to promote the knowledge about them.